PURELIFE Health Sciences Group

Dedicated to Improving Lives Through Metabolic Science

Our Mission

Nurturing Every Child and Family Like Our Own

At PURELIFE Health Sciences Group, our unwavering commitment lies in caring for every child and their family as if they were our own. We believe each child and family deserves personalized attention and effective solutions, every single time.

Who We Are

  • A Team of Passionate Researchers

    PURELIFE comprises a dedicated team of scientific researchers specializing in metabolic health.

  • Focus on Metabolic Disruptions

    Our expertise lies in understanding how disruptions in the human metabolic system can cause various health concerns.

  • Harnessing the Power of Genetics

    We utilize cutting-edge nutrigenomic science – the study of nutrient-gene interactions – to identify the most effective health-building components.

Bridging the Gap Between Ancient Biology and Modern Needs

PURELIFE's science bridges the gap between our ancient biology, determined by our genes, and the health needs of today's world. This allows us to develop cutting-edge nutraceuticals backed by global genetic research.

Our Areas of Focus:

    A Metabolic Disorders

    We delve deep into metabolic disorders, understanding their impact on various aspects of health.

Gut Health

Recognizing the gut's crucial role in overall health, we target gut issues for improved well-being.

Neurological Disorders

We explore how metabolic defects can affect neurological functions and develop targeted solutions.

PURELIFE's Mission

Empowering Lives Through Science

At PURELIFE, we are committed to providing unique nutraceutical formulas crafted with genetically compatible ingredients. Our goal is to correct metabolic imbalances, enhance overall health, and empower individuals to experience a higher quality of life.

The Power of Nutrigenomics

Our approach centers on nutrigenomics, a revolutionary field that explores how our genes interact with nutrients for optimal health, well-being, and longevity.

Genes and Nutrients

We understand the intricate dance between genes and nutrients. Not only do our genes influence our metabolism, but the nutrients we consume also influence gene expression.

TEKNON Protocol

PURELIFE's groundbreaking creation, the TEKNON Protocol, is a specialized nutritional approach designed to support individuals with metabolic and gut issues, both children and adults.

Success Stories with TEKNON

The TEKNON Protocol has yielded remarkable results, significantly improving cognition, social communication, behavior, digestion, and sleep patterns in children and adults.