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Welcome to our studies and protocol information page. This page is going to provide you with a ton of great information regarding out TEKNON protocol. We have formulated our protocol in a way where each ingredient enhances the next. Therefore, TEKNON, and all the ingredients that comprise it form our extremely effective protocol.
We have identified several major health categories that our TEKNON protocol can help improve. Those categories will be listed on this page. You can click any category and it will expand with an abundance of studies explaining how specific ingredients in our TEKNON protocol help maintain or improve upon the health of that category. Studies can be very long and sometimes difficult to read. We recommend primarily reading through the abstract and the results/conclusion of the study to be able to get a quick understanding of it. If you are interested in the methodology of the study and how it was conducted, then read through the rest of it.
Click on a Category Below to View its Studies:

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